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Breakfast for Dinner!

Yesterday I took Lauren, Becca and Becca's friend Damara to DC for the day. After spending a few hours at the Smithsonian's American History Museum, we were pretty hungry. I had heard about this kitchy little restaurant called The Cereal Bowl on Connecticut Avenue. After a little maneuvering and some checking the map on my Droid phone, I was able to find it.

What a cool experience! Sure, it's pretty much just cereal, but they also have toppings, yogurt, smoothies, coffee, sandwiches and some baked goods. The girl who served us said it's pretty much a rule of four - four things in one bowl, like one cereal and three toppings, two cereals and two toppings, etc.

The kids, of course, lost their minds at this and put together gross bowls. Lauren's was the worst, with Cap'n Crunch, Oreos, chocolate chips and strawberries - really, why bother with the strawberries at that point? And she didn't even add any milk! Horrifying.

I had the virtuous bowl, with shredded wheat, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and skim milk. Yay, me!

A neat end of a fun day. We definitely want to go back!


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