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Four Foods on Friday #57

Another Thanksgiving over. Whew! We have two dinners, the noon meal at my in-laws and the dinnertime meal at my mom's. The food was delicious as always, and I had my much-anticipated Day-After-Turkey-Sandwich today (turkey, stuffing and cranberries on whole wheat potato bread). I'm glad weigh-in isn't until NEXT Friday. There was a little bit of family disharmony going on, so I'm actually glad the day is over.

The day-after-Thanksgiving is a lazy day for us. The girls stay in their jammies all day, and I usually sleep in later than usual, then plant myself in my recliner for the day. Chris games up in his office. It's just a nice, relaxing day before the insanity of Christmas revs up.

Last week I didn't get to the FFOF because I was so tired from Book Fair, so now I'm getting back on track.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

#1. What’s your favorite carbonated beverage?

Diet Coke - I'm completely addicted!

#2. What’s your favorite spicy food?

Chili, either homemade or Quizno's. Not extremely spicy, but a good kick.

#3. How do you handle hot dishes? Oven mitt, pot holder, towel?

Not very well, apparently.

#4. Ice cream. How do you like yours?

Coffee, with some chocolate syrup on top.
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