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Four Foods on Friday #53

Wanted to get this in before it's too late. But there will be Halloween pictures sometime over the weekend! It was a fun day, although a little bittersweet because it was Becca's last school Halloween party (they don't have them in the middle and high schools). And it was probably Lauren's last time trick-or-treating.

This week's questions:

#1. What kind of pretzels are your favorite?

Rold Gold mini pretzels (perfectly salty!).

#2. What’s your favorite way to eat pancakes?

Lots of butter and syrup. I don't go to IHOP very often because they're ridiculously expensive for what you get, but they have a butter pecan syrup on the table that's TO DIE FOR.

#3. Do you make garlic bread from scratch or buy frozen?

Both. I really like the soft garlic breadsticks made by New York. Sometimes I will make my own using rolls that are just a little past their prime (like sub rolls). I just spread them with butter and sprinkle garlic powder generously, then bake them until golden and crispy. This is also great for sandwiches.

#4. Share a recipe that calls for mozzarella cheese.

I'm going to cheat and link to my post on Spaghetti Salad.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
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